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With my return to Arkansas, the house building effort began in earnest.  I was delighted to find out that my efforts to get a college degree between the ages of 46 and 54 as the single mother of four, working multiple jobs had really paid off – I was now hod carrier to a hillbilly.  That Bachelor of Science in Economics and Finance was really going to come in handy!!

One thing we had learned from our time in Mexico is that cement blocks make excellent insulation.  It is what buildings in Mexico are built of.  And, as the levels went up, two at a time, Marv filled them with cement, so the walls are essentially cement.  The onset of cold weather slowed progress.  But, with the advent of Spring, we finished the decking and tar-papering of the roof.  The roofer is the only contractor we paid, and he brought in his crew and within 6 hours, we had a metal roof.   It also gives me someone to call if it leaks.

Watch the basketball net in the background to get an idea of the relative height of the walls as they go up.


Master bedroom – before!



  • Punky & Elliott - We have three animals that we acquired within a month of my return from life in Mexico.  First was a much neglected Yorkie that had been a “breeder” in his former life.  Apparently, teeth problems are common in “breeders.”  I could not find an answer as to why, but Joshie was typical – his mouth was filled […]

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