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The Voice of Experience!

  • It’s beautiful and relaxed, but . . . - Living in another country is full of challenges and this is certainly true of Mexico.  Below are the four biggest challenges that I found in my two years on the Yucatan Peninsula. 1.  Language.  Let’s start with the biggest cultural wall you will run into – language. Most of us from north of the border, […]
  • The Amazing Free Animal Clinics of Mexico! - In December 2011, when we moved to Uaymitun, we inherited two beach dogs – a starving, pregnant gal and one of her grown male pups who didn’t have enough sense to “leave home.”  Naturally, we named her, “Mamacita,” and we called him, “Brucie.” The caretaker for our house didn’t speak English, but like many poor […]
  • Things I wish I had known before I landed! - Numbers Mexican-style  Dates are in the form DD/MM/YYYY.  It takes a while to adjust to seeing them that way, especially when you’re dealing with the first 12 days of the month.  June 10, 2012 is written as “10/6/2012,” which still, at first glance to me, appears to be October 6, 2012.  Decimals and commas in […]
  • The visa process for Mexico changed dramatically in 2013! - There are now three basic types of visas: Visitante, Residente Temporal and Residente Permanente. The last two are the ones used by expats who want to live in Mexico, and those are the ones I will address here: 1) Temporary Resident Visa (“Residente Temporal”), and 2) Permanent Residence Visa (“Residente Permanente”). First time resident visa:  […]
  • My Mexican Bone Density Test! - Beach houses in Mexico are constructed of concrete and tile.  Even, the ceilings are concrete.  This means they are very sturdy and very, very hard.  If you want to test how resilient something is, you can throw it against any part of a beach house and have your answer immediately. The other night, I took […]

Travel to Mexico!

  • Cozumel! - In 2007, the Hillbilly and I took my daughter, Courtney (“Corki” to me), with us to Cozumel, Mexico. We spent a week in Paradise with a gorgeous three story home and a whole island to play on. It was our first trip to Mexico and we learned about Mexican grocery stores, tourist traps, snorkeling, and […]
  • Playa del Carmen - Aaaaah, Playa!! Was there ever such a beautiful place? The year before I retired, Marv and I spent a week at an all-inclusive resort just north of the city of Playa del Carmen called, the Ocean Maya Royale. As usual, we went during the “low” (“off” to gringos) season in order to get a bargain. […]


The Wonderful, Ecological Parques of the Yucatan!

  • Xcaret!! -   Ah, Xcaret (“esh care Rhett)!!  What an amazing place.  If there is one thing that Mexico excels at, it is in their ecological parks, and Xcaret is one of the crown jewels.  We had no real idea of what to expect because this was our first foray into one of the parks (in 2009 on a […]
  • Xel-Ha – The Magical Lagoon! - So, the hillbilly and I spent two days in the past two weeks doing the “parque” thing. My youngest son, Kenny, and his girlfriend, Julie, were here for 18 days through Christmas, New Year’s and beyond. It just seemed appropriate that we do something fun and touristy. First up was Xel-ha. Its activities center on […]
  • Xplor the Underworld! - When I ordered the tickets for our day trip to Xel-ha, I ordered a package deal for the hillbilly and me that included a day at Xplor. You have to use the second ticket within six days, so the week after seeing Kenny and Julie off at Cancun, we headed for the challenges of Xplor on our own! When you […]

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